Members  (Health)

Bob White

Bob DuBose
Iris DuBose

Alison White

Howard Avins

Virginia Bunton

Pete Miller

Pat Wood

Dick Nelson

Betty Nelson

Larry Gainey

Al Bowden

Carolyn Bowden

Deanna Conley

Ralph Barela

Gray Sarvis


Elaine Williams

Lillian McVay

Carolyn Bays

Sara Deese

Associational Prayer Needs

Director of Missions - Kevin Litchfield

Office Manager -Joyce Sanders

Counseling Center Staff (Wed)
Karlie and Angie Hale Ministries

Church Planter - Darryl Gaddy
Truck Stop Ministry - Volunteers

Please Use Prayer Request Sheets Located In The Pews To Assure Accuracy of Information

Prayer Sheet

Non-Members (Health)

Michael Bunton

Beth Murbach

Linda Christian

Karl Rose

Barbara White

Carl White

Todd Dillon

Faith Hernandez

Margaret Hildebrand

Sandra Connor

Dianne Ciaccio

People Deployed

Troops in the Middle East
Troops in Afghanistan and Jordan

People/Events of Concern


All Police Officers

First Responders
Youth in our church
AWANA for kids
Situation in Middle East