Last month I went to a one day conference led by Bill Eliff.  I was challenged to consider whether or not I was truly desperate for God.  Does my soul long for the know;edge and the wisdom of the most High God.  The answer is yes.  I want to know God and I want to see what He can do with us.  

That led me to examine myself asking God to search me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me.  Am I what could be quenching the Spirit?

We are approaching Revival and I do not want to be what prevents the Holy Spirit from having His way in our Church and in my life.  

Church I am asking you to examine your heart.  Is there sin in your life that is quenching the Spirit?

Pray for Revival.  Pray that Lost People will be saved.  Pray that God's Spirit would be renewed within us

Lord, I long to know you and power of your resurrection.

Pastor Bob 


-- Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob and Alison

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